How to manage Google’s business reviews

How to manage Google’s business reviews

Don’t underestimate how powerful online reviews are in driving consumer behaviour. 

It is fairly common knowledge that you can post a review for a business via their Google maps listing (whether they have claimed their listing or not). But did you know that businesses can respond to the reviews that have been made? This is a particularly useful function for business owners as it’s a great opportunity for reputation management.

Despite whether the review you have received is positive or negative, this function allows you to respond and interact. This is important to note because in this day and age people want to know they’ve been heard.

When it comes to responding to negative reviews, it is advised to pick your battles as sometimes this can incite further backlash from disgruntled customers. For the most part though people genuinely appreciate your acknowledgement of issues raised.

Even a simple ‘thank you’ for a positive review is all it takes to further impress not only those who have taken the time to praise you online, but every other consumer who visits your review page!

This is an ideal way to encourage customer loyalty and to get your business in front of a wider audience.

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